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Iron Horse Head Brand The Finest Handmade 100% Mohair Cinches and Cowboy Gear

Our Story

Living on remote ranches in Northeastern New Mexico, Misty has become pretty handy with Mohair. As newly weds Cody taught her how to tie cinches and Iron Horse Head Brand grew from there! They have a two year old, bouncy, curly haired girl that’ll melt your heart!

 I never envisioned running a successful cinch business, says Misty! It can get pretty wild at times with my husband Shoeing/dayworking and training horses and a little girl that’s always wanting to help! Each day it'll be something different!

I’ve always had a passion for using my hands and creating things... I just never imagined it would be cinches! Growing up as a country kid in Wyoming, I found my passion in horses and the country life and couldn’t envision my life any other way!

Call Misty at: (575) 429-9536